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I Am Racist and so is the Church

An Opening Editorial Yes, you read the title right. I am racist, and so is the majority-white denomination I serve, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). I’m not particularly happy to admit this about myself or my Church. True, I have never

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On Serving the ‘Dying’ Church

12 mins read

Institutions, Hospice Nurses, and Midwives This issue of Unbound has been incredibly rich. We’ve heard about ways that the many churches that comprise the Church universal work together to participate in God’s reign – from the halls of power in Washington, DC and the United Nations to small churches in


Roots or Idols?

17 mins read

An Opening Editorial I’ve always struggled with the idea of roots. It’s not that I don’t appreciate where I’ve come from or have deep love and gratitude for my family and the community that have raised me, nourished me, and made me who I am today. But when asked to