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Global Perspectives on Landgrabbing: Webinar March 24th

1 min read

Join the Presbyterian Hunger Program for a Webinar on March 24! Click here to join! In the last decade, many developing countries have witnessed a huge increase in land deals that have resulted in the forceful eviction of small farmers and Indigenous communities from their lands and livelihoods. Governments, transnational

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Land Grab: The Scramble for Africa

4 mins read

A Presbyterian Hunger Program Article By Agazit Abate, Intern Scholar with the Oakland Institute   The commodification of agriculture, food, and land, spurred in part by the 2008 food and financial crisis, has led to the purchase of enormous portions of land throughout Africa. As corporations, investment firms, and outside governments

photo of indigenous woman speaking at rally

Introduction to Indigenous Peoples’ Struggles for Land Rights

6 mins read

An introduction to the indigenous land rights articles November 29, 2011 by Carol Robb, Professor of Christian Social Ethics at San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union   The assignment in a current doctoral seminar in distributive justice: Write an article to a general audience about a particular

photo of lands rights protest

Healing the Past

23 mins read

What does justice look like 151 years after the Indian Island Massacre? November 17, 2011 by Austin Leininger   PDF Version (Optimal for Printing)   The Last Dance The year is 1860. California has been a state for ten years. Settlers from the frontier town of Eureka have been invited,

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Conflicts over Jeju naval base in South Korea

15 mins read

  November 22, 2011 by Jinsung You        PDF Version (Optimal for Printing)                                                                             Naval Base: Development or Occupation? In 2002, the South Korean government initiated a project to build a strategic naval base on the southern resort island of Jeju, but it was postponed due to opposition from local