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9 New Year’s Resolutions and a Response for the Presbyterian Church (USA)

20 mins read

A wise former Pastor and Presbytery Executive, John L. Williams, has written “A Theological Essay on Vision” that contrasts the Bible’s dream and vision accounts with those of management consultants and the tamed goals of self-interested organizations. I confess I have seen little of his work reflected in the Vision

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Muzzling the Word of God

16 mins read

A Response to the Foothills Presbytery Overtures I try to avoid getting bogged down in the details of church polity. Generally, this is because I think it leads us to spend too much time looking inward and debating minutia when that time and effort would be better spent looking outward,


The Dream of the Know Nothings

19 mins read

Echoes of Empire in the Immigration Debate. The people making the decisions about immigration use it as a political contrivance; its solutions in name are solutions to symbolic and electoral problems. Each potential humanizing improvement is met with a provision based on a rollback of reason. Nowhere do we see