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The Boycott of Wendy’s and Advocating Together for a Proven Model to End Exploitation in Supply Chains

19 mins read

In March 2016, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) called for a consumer boycott of Wendy’s until it joins the Fair Food Program. After having engaged Wendy’s with the CIW for ten years, the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board voted denominational support for the boycott at its April meeting. In this


“From the Slave Dungeons of Cape Coast”

2 mins read

A Nigerian Presbyterian Reflects on the Global Slave Trade [ezcol_1half]What madness Extreme inhumanity Not accidental Not mere mistake Planned and executed In utter wickedness. Humans turned into goods Packed in tins Stored in darkness Without sunshine Without rain Utter insensitivity. Sorting of sorts The weak and the strong To utilities