The Gun Epidemic


It was very disheartening for me to learn that so-called Christians keep and even carry guns in the USA. In reading about people taking guns to shop in stores, to work, school, and church, one has to wonder why? Fear is a very powerful force but something more insidious has caused ‘the gun epidemic.’ An epidemic is a disease and this disease is very contagious. When ‘a gun evangelist’ preaches that God has ordained every American’s right to own a gun, he is preaching a false gospel. What has ensued from this false doctrine being proclaimed is ‘the worship of guns’. God commands everyone to “put away idols and worship only Him.”(Acts 17:30)

God declared in Noah’s time, “Vicious and depraved was all mankind.”
For forty days the flood prevailed—above the flood, the ark—it sailed!
A righteous man; a fresh new start; obey, and God will do His part.
We need the faith of Abraham, the call of God, provisioned ram—
God’s blessings and protection’s sure. Submit your life—you will endure.
And then God sent His Son to us to teach us how to put our trust—
In His redemption through the blood and conquer evil doing good.
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life; a faithful Friend amid the strife—
In this mad world. We have no need to fear because His love is always near.
And we must love as He has taught, your neighbour as yourself; we ought—Not take the law in our own hands. Let His peace reign where’er we can.
So who is it demanding guns for everyone lest they be shunned?
A group that’s called the NRA is preaching ‘gun rights’ power sway.
Carter, Scalia, and LaPierre—originalist, textualist, twisted ware—Promoting their futile gospel; it seems, “the American birthright” as LaPierre deems—“Is freedom from God to carry a gun.”
To be safe and secure Americans need one?

Rather, trust the Holy Spirit and The Word—the weapons of the Lord;
Love your enemies, He said, and make plowshares of your swords.
“I’ll knock the weapons from your hands” God’s warning rings again;
“Do not make or worship idols”—because nothing shall remain.
“Wisdom is justified by her children.”

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G. J. Aszmies is a senior, a baby-boomer, and a wife of 46 years who has two children and five grandchildren. She has written over the years to share her faith with family , friends, and has written occasionally for church or local publications.

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