VIDEO: Church Adds Solar Panels


Capitol Heights Presbyterian Church, since its beginnings in 1896, has concerned itself with the social impact of living the Gospel of God. It has hosted local politicians of the City of Denver for dialogue, engaged in Sanctuary for Central American refugees, explored the injustices of the Near East, stood as a More Light Congregation, and now, gives leadership to the community in addressing climate change. An active member of Colorado Power and Light, Capitol Heights seeks by this action to live sustainably into the future, reducing its harm to the environment and preserving the world for future generations. The system was installed without cost to the congregation, it will provide approximately 75% of electrical usage, and in twenty years will be purchased by the church for $1. Mark Meeks is the Spiritual Leader who has taken the lead in teaching the spirituality of living responsibly in God’s creation.

See pictures of the panels and installers here. Learn more about the justice ministry and advocacy of Capitol Heights here.

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