Video: The Changing Face of HIV/AIDS


A new video by the Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN)

In the United States, the face of HIV and AIDS has changed dramatically in the 30 years since the start of the pandemic. Communities are living with increased rates of infection and more and more Americans are affected by HIV.

This video in six 3-minute segments explores “The Changing Face of HIV/AIDS,” telling the story of ministries of compassion and support as the church and our communities respond. The segment, “What People of Faith Need to Know about HIV/AIDS” offers a basic primer for the church living in an HIV Positive world. By discussing the facts about HIV and AIDS, the video empowers the viewer to make faithful decisions and the church to take faithful actions, as well as helping to reduce the stigma attached to this devastating illness.

The Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN), a Network of the Presbyterian Health, Education & Welfare Association (PHEWA), is available to assist a congregation in becoming an HIV and AIDS Competent Church.

Part 1: AIDS Interfaith Ministries of Kentuckiana, Louisville, KY

Part 2: The Granny Connection, Columbus, IN

Part 3: Camp Heart to Heart, Lebanon Junction, KY

Part 4: The Women’s Collective, Washington, D.C.

Part 5: HopeSprings, Baltimore, MD

Part 6: What People of Faith Need to Know About HIV/AIDS

A memorial to Jack Deckard, this video was made possible through the generosity of the Jack Deckard Memorial Advised Fund, Presbyterian Foundation.
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