World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation


Creation is crying. Weeping. Flooding tears as powerful as ever so strong hurricanes.
Creation is crying. Screaming. Blazing fires that burn the California land.
Creation is crying. Dying. Killings of Black and Brown and Indigenous people.
Creation is crying.

Creation is mourning. Grieving. Once clean air filled with toxin and smoke.
Creation is mourning. Lamenting. Creatures and fauna gone.
Creation is mourning. Groaning. Your people lost in self-gain.
Creation is mourning.

Through the crying and the mourning, O God, we feel the absence of a world that once was.
We experience a creation that has been painfully broken with lack of stewardship.
Forgive us, God of the waters.
Forgive us, God of the soil.
Forgives us, God of the harvest, of the wind, of the flesh.
Forgive us, O God.

Spark a fire within us that softens our hearts to heal this world.
Give us empathetic souls that foster wholeness and transformation.
Trouble our minds so that we may undo our wrongs.

Creation is crying.
Creation is mourning.
Creation is GOD’s.
Creation is WE.
Creation is HOLY.


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