6 Ways to Live into the Easter Season

Easter is more than just the day we celebrate; it is a season. Easter is a season that calls us into new life, resurrection, new beginnings, and, simply, newness. The resurrection calls us to move through the world and our faith with abundance as the source and not that of scarcity. Death was overcome and that theological reality is the foundation of our work as people of faith and a people of justice. Here are just 6 ways that we may live into the Easter season:

  1. Call Out Death Dealing Theology and Ideology
    In our current political climate, we experience anti-trans legislation and rhetoric, voter suppression, environmental injustice, inhumane treatment of immigrants at our borders, violence toward our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) siblings and much more. These actions, words, and thoughts, boiled down to the core of their origin, are death dealing ideologies backed by death dealing theologies. These laws and actions deny the full humanity of a person which ultimately leads to the absence of life, in a variety of ways. We must call these out and work to dismantle these theologies and ideologies.
  2. Reframe and Reorient toward Abundance
    So often we work and think out of scarcity. Is there enough money? Is there enough resources? Is there enough? Most of the time, the answer is yes, there is enough. However, the distribution of resources is often skewed toward those with privilege. How would the work of faith and justice change if we reoriented our thoughts and actions through a lens of abundance?
  3. Environmental Advocacy and Action
    During a time of renewal, growth, and re-birth, we may reaffirm our calling to be good stewards of creation. Tree planting, recycling, composting, community gardens, and other actions can be great ways to live into our faith of abundance and life. For other ways to reaffirm our calling to creation care, the Presbyterian Hunger Program provides resources for congregations and people of faith to begin the work of environmental advocacy and action.
  4. Inclusive Liturgy and Ritual
    The church is centered on liturgy and ritual that focus us and create space, bringing us closer to the Spirit. Sometimes our liturgies and rituals are outdated, may exclude, and may need readjusting. For our queer siblings, inclusive language and action that shatters binaries based on gender, sexuality, and identity should be integrated in every aspect of our faith including liturgy and ritual. For inclusive and creative liturgies, check out Enfleshed!
  5. Anti-Racism Training and Action
    Racism and white supremacy perpetuate systems of oppression towards our Black, Brown, AAPI and Native siblings. Our calling as people of faith and resurrection moves us into working against these systems. Churches and communities, not only during the Easter season, should take seriously the work of anti-racism. For more information on how to begin this work, check out the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s resources and workshops.
  6. Self-Care!
    Our own lives, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental, is important and crucial. We must take care of the beautiful and abundant lives we ourselves hold and live. Constantly check-in with yourself especially during this time of pandemic when mental healthcare has risen and crucially needed. As Christians, we believe in the incarnation and our bodies and the care of our bodies are a faith issue. Self-care, again, is crucial.

This JustList was created by the Unbound Team. Other JustLists can be found here.

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