A Lament for the Earth


A prayer reminding us that, even as we seek hope, we must make space for grieving, for the honest expression of loss, pain, and anger. This prayer is part of the Nov 2012 – Jan 2013 issue, “Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith“.

By Jessica Abell 
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lamentHas God Left Creation?

Has God left Creation?
We stumble over the carcasses of earth in search of life.
Abandoned, betrayed, and denied its Goodness, we weep.




God, you once moved and lived and breathed in all things.
God, you once walked in the Garden and consecrated Creation.
God, you once bound us all together in your covenant of salvation.

But where is our help to be found
In this world clouded by sin?
But how can we reach you, God,
As we choke on this poisoned air?
But when can we eat this food,
Emerging from toxic soil?

All of your Creation struggles to breathe,
To live and thrive.
Our city’s streets are slick with oil,
Our walls with slime.
Your birds falter.
Your deer stumble.
Your streams die.

God, you have seen Creation and called it good.
Save us now.
God, you have made Creation in Your image.
Save us now.
God, you have called us into your healing love always.
Save us now.

God, you knock at our doors, begging entrance.
But we look away, we turn toward ourselves.
God you invite us down a different path.
But we go our own way, sure of our footing.
God, you offer us abundance and plenty.
But we see only through eyes of fear and greed.

God, be with us in our despair and hear us as we cry out to you.


jessica abell

Jessica Abell believes that the care and active concern for creation is a basic call of all who believe in a Creator. Jessica is committed to the ministry of ecological stewardship and eco-spiritual renewal in The Episcopal Church and in multiple contexts throughout secular and sacred spheres. She is a GreenFaith Fellow and is in process for Holy Orders in The Episcopal Church.
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