We are grieving…mourning…lamenting

Oh God why!? Oh God help us! Oh God we are suffering!

When we wave through the windows of those with disease

When we see our loved ones dying on screens

No touch, no goodbyes, no last words muttered 

We are grieving…mourning…lamenting

We are grieving…mourning…lamenting

Oh God why do we still hate?! Oh God help us challenge our biases, oh God our siblings suffer

When we see Chinese in front of virus

When we blame one people different from us

No humanity, no empathy, no sense of shut your mouth 

We are grieving…mourning…lamenting 

We are grieving…mourning…lamenting

Oh God why do we play games with lives?! Oh God help us bring health to all, Oh God our bodies suffer

When the doctors and nurses have no supplies

When all we hear from government are lies

No strategies, no bipartisanship, no care just selfish gain

We are grieving….mourning…lamenting 

We are grieving…mourning….lamenting

Oh God why do we miss our loved one so much?! Oh God help move pass missed moments, oh God our souls long for community 

When screened in faces are not enough

When the days of no contact are too tough 

We are grieving…mourning….lamenting


Oh God we know you can take our screams, consume our frustrations, and affirm our thoughts

When we hurt in the face of pandemic

When we feel hopeless and are lost in it


Lee Catoe is the Managing Editor of Unbound and the Associate for Young Adult Social Witness for the Presbyterian Church USA. 

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