From the Universe to the Atom: A Prayer for World Day of Prayer

From the universe filled with galaxies beyond number
Thankfulness for the vastness and the creative imagination of God
Fill our soaring minds, engage our wonder, and keep us on the edge of our seats
Swirl within our hearts your artistic spirit, O God

From the spherical globe that we call home 
Barely hanging on through fragile systems 
Remind us of our place in the space of time and the care we are called to give
Rotate and spin our hearts back to your creation, O God

From the nations that war and puff out their chests
Countries and empires that oppress for gain
Soften their hearts so that they may be held accountable while fighting for peace
Plant within us a seed of peacemaking, O God

From the communities that hold us dear 
The families of origin and the families that are chosen
May they be places of deep trust, compassion, and honest love 
Hold our life-giving spaces together, O God

From the human body that is both resilient and prone to brokenness
Flesh that embodies the Spirit and yet is classified and stamped by society
Keep us strong, make us whole, and as we look at ourselves and others,
May we see that what you made is divinely good, O God

From the human soul that is pulsating and trying to transform
That shatters in the midst of the tornados of life and yet rejoices in joy
Enliven our greyscale souls into rainbows of truth and vigor
May our souls be able to mourn and out of that mourning may we also dance, O God

From the plants and creatures that bear the burdens of environmental destruction
That give the human body and soul precious life and sustaining worth
Keep them strong, make them whole, and as we look at them, 
May we see that what you made is divinely good, O God 

From the tiniest of cells to the smallest of molecules down to the atoms, protons, electrons
The smallest elements of matter that, yes, you had your hand in
Form, connect, bond, and create newness from these your building blocks
And may our breath always be taken from the newness that you create, O God 

Oh God, you encompass all.

Oh God, you are within all. 

Oh God, we awe , wonder, lament, laugh, plant, eat, dance, sing, and create because of YOU.

Lee Catoe, Managing Editor of Unbound and Associate for Young Adult Social Witness for the Advisory Committee for Social Witness Policy.

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