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corporations are not people

Taking Back Our Democracy

18 mins read

Responding to Citizens United and the Rise of Super PACs What are the critical threats to the ethical and effective functioning of democracy? In response to that question, the Rev. Dr. Chris Iosso wrote “Seven Sins Against Democracy: And What’s Faith Got To Do With It” and then invited knowledgeable

burning american flag

Seven Sins Against Democracy

23 mins read

What’s Faith Got To Do With It? An introduction to the series, “Sins Against Democracy,” drawing together some prominent thinkers and faith leaders to reflect on the threats to the effective and ethical functioning of our democracy in this current campaign season – and what our faith means for these

anna louise inn protest

Save the Anna Louise Inn: A Safe Home for Women

11 mins read

Western & Southern Financial Group Wants to Tear Down Affordable Housing for Women and Build Condos — Don’t Let Them! By Susan Quinn Bryan, Cincinnati, Ohio   August 5, 2012, is Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday. But it is not just another “issue” day. It is churches in the Presbytery

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Against Corporate Domination & American Indifference

6 mins read

A Prayer of Protest and Solidarity 2008 by Darryl Trimiew   This prayer comes from the book edited by Chris Iosso and Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, Prayers for the New Social Awakening: Inspired by the New Social Creed [Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2008], 38-40, available from It is republished here