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For Love of Country

A Statement by ACSWP in Response to the US 2016 Elections* Grace and Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, We write you at a time of great national tension. The recent campaign has exposed deep divisions in

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6 Things To Do During The Election

3 mins read

Today is the day. It is Election Day. Anxiety is up and the polarity of the country is at an all time high. We are also in a pandemic which adds to the stress of the moment. But today, we are called to express our voice and continue to fight


“Be Sober, Be Watchful”: Activism and Public Discourse

18 mins read

The Potential Long-Term Effects of our Discourse this Election Season A version of this article was originally published at To absolutely no one’s surprise, election season is upon us again. Admittedly, it’d be hard for anyone to miss the circus surrounding this year’s historic presidential election. Its coverage in


Storytelling and Political Leadership

45 mins read

Editor’s Note: The following article was originally published as the lead article in the September/October 2008 issue of The Progressive Christian and later appeared as the lead article in Faith & the Common Good: The Best of Zion’s Herald and The Progressive Christian, 200-2011, A Limited Collectors’ Edition (ed. Stephen