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Ocean: Deep Wonder, Deep Sorrow, Deep Hope

Psalmists declare to “let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!” Economists calculate the incredible value of the goods and services of the sea, such as food, flood protection, minerals and fossil fuels, and buffering of climate, in

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Earth Walk

21 mins read

A Deep Ecology Perspective and Critique of the Mainstream Environmental Movement Without sufficient contact and interaction with nature, and without a worldview sufficiently open to it, we are not able to form relationships with communities of life around us, meaning we are unable to live in solidarity with them. Yet

patrick heery in ziplining gear

Environmental Hope: A Better Approach for a Tougher Climate

14 mins read

Introducing the Unbound Nov 2012–Jan 2013 issue “Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith” while arguing for a different environmental strategy to engage people, particularly young people, in this age of consumerism, doubt, and the temptation to despair.   By Patrick David Heery, Managing Editor   This is an article


Sacred Healing for Grieving Earth-Justice Seekers

3 mins read

Introduction to the Unbound Nov 2012–Jan 2013 issue, “Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith,” from guest content editors Diane Waddell and Sue Smith of Presbyterians for Earth Care.   By Diane Waddell, Moderator of Presbyterians for Earth Care   Earth is on its own formidable cliff… and the risk factors

neddy astudillo

Eco-Justice is Creation Care

16 mins read

Shifting the Foundations of Eco-Theology to Include Stewardship, Justice, and Spirituality Este texto también está disponible en español.   By Rev. Neddy Astudillo   View and Print as PDF.   An uneasy feeling moves freely through the air these days, while the words of the Gospel keep proclaiming: “Go! and

environmental hope

Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith

4 mins read

Nov 2012—Jan 2013 Issue Table of Contents A collaborative issue of Unbound and Presbyterians for Earth Care examining the relational and spiritual foundation of a life devoted to sustainability and environmental justice. Opening Editorials “Environmental Hope: A Better Approach for a Tougher Climate” by Patrick David Heery “Sacred Healing for

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