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Timothy Njoya Preaching

Pulpit as a Forum for the Restoration of Government

In dialogue with Rev. Dr. Njoya, Unbound has transcribed, edited, and restructured selections from his book, The Divine Tag on Democracy (Yaounde, Cameroon: Editions CLE, 2003), offering a compelling new witness to the church in the public square of Kenya.

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‘There’s No Place Like Home’

6 mins read

I am a born-and-bred Midwestern boy. It is in my blood and is reflected in my decisions and actions. For better or worse, wherever I live or travel, I see things through Indiana-colored lenses. I have also always had strong Presbyterian roots; some of my earliest memories are from VBS


The African Mzungo

8 mins read

Coming into my Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) year, I was no stranger to being the chocolate chip in the vanilla ice cream. All throughout my grade school years and college, I was the splash of color in a sea of white faces. So when I arrived at Stony Point, New