Photo of Haitians who are building houses

Ecovillages: A Labor Not in Vain

8 mins read

Help Build Eco-Villages in Haiti… Not for, but with By Ruth Farrell, Coordinator, Presbyterian Hunger Program   They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit. No longer will they build houses and others live in them, or plant and others eat. For

Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

Advocacy: Living a Public Faith

21 mins read

Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations By the Rev. W. Mark Koenig   View and print article as PDF “We are ambassadors for Christ.” Those words took on new meaning for me on March 11, 2011—when a tsunami and earthquake hit Japan. The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations has

photo of chains wrapped around a keyboard

To a God Unknown

18 mins read

Social Media as the New Agora By Patrick David Heery, Unbound Managing Editor   Patrick discusses the implications of a new e-ministry that has one leg online and the other on the ground (through churches and local organizers). He challenges Unbound and the church to think strategically about being both

photo of the Book of Isaiah

The Public Square as Sacred Space

23 mins read

A Sermon on Isaiah 59:1-4, 9-16, 21 By the Rev. Shannon Daley-Harris   Rev. Daley-Harris preached the following sermon at Maryville College Chapel, tracing the progress in Isaiah 59 from complaint to confession to calling. The public square—flyered with eviction notices and photos of children gunned down—is, she argues, precisely


Why I Support #OWS as a Reformed Theologian

29 mins read

By W. Travis McMaken   Occupy Wall Street and the movement it spawned (#OWS) proclaims that our social life together in the United States has been tragically undermined by the concentration of wealth and political influence in the hands of a few, thereby disenfranchising the many. The author undertakes to

electric graphic of the word joy

Justice as a Spiritual Practice

31 mins read

By Douglas Mitchell   Associate Pastor for “Faith in Action,” Douglas Mitchell conceived the following article as a presentation for a church adult education class and has adapted it here to propose that the ministry of social justice can in fact be a disciplined spiritual practice bringing us into closer,

photo of a homeless man sleeping on a bible

The Case for Social Righteousness

26 mins read

By Cynthia Rigby   The following is an excerpt from the book by Cynthia Rigby, Promotion of Social Righteousness [Louisville: Witherspoon Press, 2010], 1-11, available from The article is republished here with permission from the author and Witherspoon Press. Dr. Rigby first shows that social righteousness has a long