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“Selma, Lord, Selma”

From Admiration to Action Five children (4 girls and 1 boy, who departs in the opposite direction halfway down) are walking down steps of the 16th Street Baptist Church. They are discussing typical girlish things. “I got my hair pressed

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photo of civil rights leaders, including Dr. King, meeting with Lyndon Johnson

Why I Am Still a Christian

7 mins read

By Gary Dorrien   (The following is an autobiographical reflection from social ethicist, Gary Dorrien, also appearing in “On Living Faith” series offered by Odyssey Networks, and previewed by Unbound on Looking back to the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King, Gary Dorrien offers a few thoughts on what

photo of hands clasped in prayer

The Divine Economy & A Theology of Debt

34 mins read

  September 22, 2011 by Rev. Dr. James A. Noel, San Francisco Theological Seminary/GTU   The following speech, now article, was presented at “Conference: Debits, Deficits and Doing the Right Thing” at Shiloh Church, 3295 School Street, Oakland, CA. View article in PDF (optimal for printing) “Render unto Caesar what


The Poverty Initiative

8 mins read

“Raising up generations of religious and community leaders committed to building a social movement to end poverty led by the poor.” HISTORY Founded in May 2004 by Union students in collaboration with seminary faculty, staff and community leaders, the Poverty Initiative was charged with the mission of raising up generations