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Explicit Content: It’s the Form That Counts

15 mins read

Debating So-Called “Conscious Hip-Hop” By Eric Roberts, co-creator of “Rhymes and Reasons”   Hip-hop’s detractors, even casual listeners, forget that rapping is an artform, with formal considerations like any other. In the battle for airtime, so-called “conscious hip-hop” cannot use the virtue of its content as an excuse to neglect

photo of barbed wire fence with a close-up on a clump of hair stuck in the barb

All about US

3 mins read

A Poem September 13, 2011 by Ariana Salazar-Newton   The truth is it’s all about US— Our country and the white men on the American bucks. To them it is unintelligible that the borders crossed us; Still we’re the unwelcome guests, stray mutts. I think they can’t stand to look

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