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The Vocation of Education

A Family Story Lora and Bruce Whearty, elementary school teachers from Montana, accepted a call to serve as educational mission co-workers through the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1992. They resigned from their jobs, sold their home and most of their

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Cardboard and Concrete

13 mins read

My experience with street ministry in San Francisco’s Tenderloin Neighborhood did not save anyone. It did not fix anyone’s problems or end homelessness. But I believe that it made a difference in an important way that continues to ripple out into the world; it has done so in my life. My


Settling In, Putting Down Roots

12 mins read

Moving to a new city is no easy feat. I’ve done it twice in my life thus far, and I wouldn’t wish the difficulty of moving and getting settled in a new city on anyone! Many people find themselves moving to a new city because of happy, exciting changes in their


See the Face of God in the City

10 mins read

One Sunday, after parking our car in the vacant lot across from the church where we worship, our family made our way around a make-shift memorial that had been set up the night before. 24 hours earlier, a vigil had been held for a young father of two who had

Princeton Theological Seminary

Dangerous Faith: A Mandate for Dislocation

12 mins read

Princeton Theological Seminary Getting out of our LA-Z-Boy theologizing and the safety of our blogs, and into the dangerous terrain of taking action, encountering otherness, and altering our perceptions of reality—dangerous precisely for its capacity to transform us, society, and the church. By Daniel Yang   View and print as

Wes Pitts

Refusing to Outsource Justice

9 mins read

McCormick Theological Seminary By Wes Pitts   View and print as PDF.   Where I am from, churches do not do social justice. At best, they support non-profit organizations, which do the justice work for them. Social justice is farmed out to the secular world, while churches focus on spiritual

Kelly Jean Norris-Wilke, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary student

What an Urban Seminary Is Doing to Advocate Social Justice Beyond the Iron Gates

11 mins read

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary One Seminarian’s Perspective By Kelly Jean Norris-Wilke   View and print as PDF.   I am standing on pavement covered in graffiti. Letters from friends and loved ones spray-painted onto the black top. Letters saying goodbye to a seventeen-year-old community member shot on this spot on a

Katherine Pater

Occupy Harvard

16 mins read

Harvard Divinity School Interview with Katherine Pater, 3rd Year Master of Divinity Student Interviewed by Patrick David Heery   View and print as PDF.   On April 24, 2012, I interviewed Katherine Pater, a third-year Master of Divinity student at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), pursuing ordination within the Presbyterian Church

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