4 Reasons Christians Should Vote

Now more than ever the American people are heading to the polls to cast their votes for local, state, and federal elections. We are putting on our masks and going to voting polls. We are mailing in our mail-in ballots by the thousands. This election is important! Why? Because within the political sphere and discourse of our country lies the potential of a further deterioration of democracy, an increase in white supremacist values, and an ultimate end to dignity and respect for the citizens of this country. Christians have a great opportunity to speak prophetically about the right to vote and cast votes that bring about a more just society.

Here are just 4 Reasons Christians Should Vote:

  1. Voting Expresses Your Beliefs!
    When you vote, you are bringing into life the morals that your faith has shaped. Christ taught us to be on the side of the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan, and those who are marginalized by society. What political figures reflect these morals? What legislation brings your moral foundations to life in the political sphere?

  2. It Can Empower Others.
    Every vote counts and when you vote, others will follow. Voting can help people claim their voice and make their perspectives heard. This is foundational to the Christian faith for Christ empowered those who were disempowered by society and government.  How will you help empower people to vote? The Presbyterian Church (USA) has compiled resources to educate people about voting, click here to learn more. 

  3. Accountability
    Contrary to what many politicians may think, people who are elected to represent us are held accountable by us. Basically, we hire them and we can fire them. Voting is the main way to hold elected officials accountable for their choices, their falsehoods, and their ability to govern. Christ held government leaders and church leaders accountable constantly. Even Christ himself was held accountable by the Syrophoenician and Canaanite women. How are your elected officials doing in their jobs? Is it time for a change? 

  4. A Vote Can Change Systemic Oppression.
    Again, every vote counts and your vote can help change systems within our country that perpetuate racism, white supremacy, economic injustice, environmental injustice, and the list goes on and on. Though our systems are inherently racist and bend toward injustice, voting is a way to begin the dismantling of such systems. What systems do you see as unjust? 

For more information on how to register to vote, go to: VOTE.ORG

This JustList was created by the Unbound Team. 

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