Epiphany: War and Death are No Gift from God


For tyrants do much for themselves
Herods among the nations that dwell for self
When bombs cloud the star that moves and shines
Dust and fire skew where the Christ child sighs

War and death are no gift from God
Even when they are clothed in god-like garb 
The wise ones follow the star so hard to see 
To give the Christ child what they think he needs

Gold and perfume and burial adornments 
Shimmer, defuse, and permeate torment 
Lay down at the place of the Mother and the Child
Innocent, meek, in the midst of the war-torn wild

War and death are no gift from God 
Bombs and tyrants dressed in god-like garb
Dreams will tell us there is no time to return 
To the ones who wage evil and watch nations burn

“Take another road!” for war is not the way
And God walk with us in these trying days
Give us an epiphany that only you can bestow
For the star still shines over the One we long to know.

Prayer by Lee Catoe, Managing Editor of Unbound

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