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Montreat College Conference: A Young Adult Perspective

During Montreat College Conference 2020, Unbound partnered with the Young Adult Volunteer Program to have an open conversation with young adults about the future of the church and where they would like to see the church in the future. Having the perspective

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6 Reasons Healthcare is a Christian Issue

5 mins read

Healthcare is once again in the public eye with the confirmation hearings of Amy Comey Barrett to be seated on the United States Supreme Court. In the past, she has sided with many conservatives to denounce the Affordable Care Act which protects people with preexisting conditions and allows people


Faith and Facts Must Be Friends

12 mins read

Science is the analysis of facts, of measurable data. Faith is shaped by hope and love. They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they need each other. They can be friends. Both are born in wonder. Before I retired from pastoral ministry, I served a congregation where faith, science and