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The Refugee Jesus

The following sermon was preached at Rutgers Presbyterian Church on November, 22, 2015, Christ the King Sunday. Author Rev. Mark Koenig writes, “I rarely post sermons, however this one received enough positive feedback that I make an exception. Note that

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photo of the Book of Isaiah

Gospeling Beyond Our Preferred Agendas

19 mins read

  Learning from Isaiah that we may neither privatize evangelism nor claim the autonomy of social action.   By Walter Brueggemann   View and print as PDF   The overwhelming theological claim of the Bible in all its parts is that YHWH— creator of heaven and earth, savior and sovereign

2011–2012 Horizons Bible Study. Illustrations by Ann Kim

Confessing the Beatitudes

24 mins read

Horizons Bible Study Lesson: Matthew 5:6; Luke 6:21a, 25a; Psalm 107:1–9 By Margaret Aymer   “Greatly Honored Are Those Who Are Famished and Parched for Justice!” is one of nine lessons, excerpted from the Confessing the Beatitudes Bible study, by Margaret Aymer, published by Presbyterian Women/Horizons. Used by permission. To

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