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Montreat College Conference: A Young Adult Perspective

During Montreat College Conference 2020, Unbound partnered with the Young Adult Volunteer Program to have an open conversation with young adults about the future of the church and where they would like to see the church in the future. Having the perspective

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9 New Year’s Resolutions and a Response for the Presbyterian Church (USA)

20 mins read

A wise former Pastor and Presbytery Executive, John L. Williams, has written “A Theological Essay on Vision” that contrasts the Bible’s dream and vision accounts with those of management consultants and the tamed goals of self-interested organizations. I confess I have seen little of his work reflected in the Vision



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Any person who identifies as an “exvangelical”, or someone who has left the conservative evangelical tradition, has their own story and possibly carries their own baggage. No two experiences are the same. However, we are often lumped together as people with interesting stories to tell, and our trauma from our


As Close as our Very Breath

15 mins read

A Sermon for Those Who Feel Afraid Text: John 20:19-25 Ask a scholar about the word “breathe” and she will tell you that this is the only place in the entire New Testament where this word shows up. Surely they breathed more than once back then, but maybe they didn’t

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One Half-Step Out of a Hobbit Hole

17 mins read

“When you set out on this adventure, you will never be the same.” These are the grave but hopeful words spoken by Gandalf the Grey to a young hobbit named Bilbo; [1] and thus begins the epic tale of The Hobbit. In many ways, following Christ mirrors this classic tale of a