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Mainline Ecumenism: It’s Older Than You Think

Words both denote and connote, which is to say that they both mean something and suggest a constellation of associated ideas, images, and feelings. Ecumenism means, simply, cooperation among Christian churches. The word connotes, however, a certain kind of cooperation

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jessica abell

Ecological Applied Theology

12 mins read

Fertile ground for interfaith growth By Jessica Abell   View and Print as PDF.   Interfaith & Ecumenical Endeavors I went to seminary on Holy Hill in Berkeley, California. Holy Hill is the local name for the interfaith consortium of seminaries and theological centers of learning that make up the

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Caution and Commitment

13 mins read

The Why and Will We Questions First By Chris Iosso, Unbound General Editor   View and Print as PDF.   Who cares about the General Assembly and who cares about the denomination as an institution? Those questions are posed, often by those dissatisfied with the outcomes of particular votes, against

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