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Imagine the Angels of Bread

A poem by Martín Espada This is the year that squatters evict landlords, gazing like admirals from the rail of the roofdeck or levitating hands in praise of steam in the shower; this is the year that shawled refugees deport

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Make Yourself at Home

10 mins read

“Make yourself at home.” This is a phrase we hear and utter often. What does the phrase mean? When a host says, “Make yourself at home,” does he or she literally mean for you to turn their home into yours? I have been a guest and a host many times

pelican by lauren wright

Wetlands Advocacy Art

2 mins read

Southern Louisiana Wildlife Paintings Artwork by Lauren Wright   View the entire Nov 2012–Jan 2013 issue, “Hope for Eco-Activists: Discovering an Environmental Faith“   Lauren Wright graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in journalism with an emphasis on Media Design. Her education and passion for service led

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