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5 Ways to Rethink Labor Day

3 mins read

Labor Day is usually thought of as a time of rest, vacation, parties, and beaches. However, COVID has changed some of those plans, or at least should change those plans. Because of the pandemic, millions are out of work, creating a sense of insecurity for families and causing an economic


A Labor Day Story: Workers’ Dignity and Prophetic Voices

12 mins read

As some of us take our rest on Labor Day, may we ponder the meaning of what it means to labor. Labor creates productivity that then (with skills and tools) creates the means to capitalize on that productivity.  Labor is physical, mental, emotional, and yes, spiritual because our work and

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Labor Day Weekend of Prayer Actions

5 mins read

The Following is a direct reprint from The PCUSA Fair Food Program. This Labor Day Weekend, the PC(USA) through the Presbyterian Hunger Program/Campaign for Fair Food and the Human Trafficking Roundtable invite you to a time of prayer, fasting and action for Fair Food.  These “sermon seeds” and the resources


Labor Day Letter

8 mins read

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Grace and peace to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  As we write to you on the eve of Labor Day 2013 we observe that these are troubled times for workers.  We live in a time of high unemployment; average wages continue to

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Good Jobs Nation

11 mins read

Taking on Moral Gridlock in Washington, DC. What You Can Do About Low-Wages and Worker Injustice – by  Kim Bobo and Michael Livingston, Interfaith Worker Justice. Ana Julia Fuentes has worked as a janitor at Union Station for 23 years and makes $8.75 an hour. Wilfredo Reyes Lopez is a