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w. travis mcmaken

Occupy Wall Street Is Doing the Church’s Work

Helmut Gollwitzer and Economic Justice¹ Abstract: Helmut Gollwitzer’s legacy as a politically concerned pastor and theologian is instructive for those today who want to take seriously both what Christian faith means for socio-economic justice and what that concern for socio-economic

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Why I Support #OWS as a Reformed Theologian

29 mins read

By W. Travis McMaken   Occupy Wall Street and the movement it spawned (#OWS) proclaims that our social life together in the United States has been tragically undermined by the concentration of wealth and political influence in the hands of a few, thereby disenfranchising the many. The author undertakes to

photo of rich lang at occupy movement

Pastor Pepper-Sprayed in Seattle

12 mins read

Rev. Rich Lang, a United Methodist campus minister at the University of Washington, was pepper-sprayed by police while participating in the Occupy Movement in Seattle. Below are his words in response. Immediately below are videos of the pepper-spraying and the aftermath. A PASTORAL LAMENT FOR MY COUNTRY America, America, my

photo of protestors

Invite Them In

11 mins read

A RESPONSE TO THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT November 1, 2011, by Editor Chris Iosso, who invites Christians into dialogue about the role the church should play in the Occupy Movement.   A golden calf—that looks like the Wall Street bull statue—is carried through New York’s Zuccotti Park encampment by a bunch