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“All We Want is Peace”

10 mins read

Discerning Peace in the 21st Century – Part II When the Peacemaking and International Relations Committee of the 222nd General Assembly was considering the Peace Discernment resolution (12-06) from the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP), they heard from many speakers. Understandably so, as this resolution is the final report


When Just War is Just Not Working

15 mins read

Discerning Peace in the 21st Century – Part I We sat in a circle, our chairs so close that our knees touched and the conversation felt intimate. Following the order of lectio divina, we were sharing first scripture readings followed by silence and prayer, then a word or phrase, and

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Let’s Focus on Nonviolence

12 mins read

Let’s focus on nonviolence! I am encouraged by the news out of the 221st General Assembly of the PC(USA). The assembly decided that we need to continue our church-wide discernment process about peacemaking, and it sounds like there was some very good discussion around nonviolence in the peacemaking committee. While

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10 Years after the Invasion of Iraq

1 min read

Next week, Unbound begins  a series of “Short Takes on Peace,” video clips from interviews with students, college chaplains, professors, authors and others. After a video clip whets your appetite, you’ll have an opportunity to share your thoughts on an important peace-related issue. Even before next week, we’d like to hear