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Starry Black Night: A Womanist Advent Devotional

1st Mid-Week Devotion

We stand between Faith and Hope in our journey through the Lenten season. To be sure, our Psalm for today lands firmly between the two. Clearly, King David penned this Psalm nearing the end or after a tumultuous time in

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In 1937 - as America began recovering from the Great Depression - one of my favorite Harlem Renaissance writers, the honorable Zora Neale Hurston, wrote what would become a classic novel entitled, Their Eyes Were Watching God. As her main characters wrestle with Black life, Black


New Years

11 mins read

I remember January 1, 2020 with so much fondness. I spent the first few hours in sheer bliss of celebratory optimism with friends as we imagined all of the wonderment that the year would hold. We declared fervently that, “THIS WAS OUR YEAR!” We had expectations of healing, wholeness,


Christmas Eve

11 mins read

Advent is the liturgical season of preparing, waiting, anticipating, and expecting. In preparation, each week during this season, we have lit a new candle to mark the drawing closer of Jesus coming into the world. We anxiously long for this time where God – Emmanuel – comes into the